Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A 2nd Excerpt From "Blackness In The White Sand"

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Charla spent about a minute getting herself ready for the evening’s festivities by reaching deep within and bringing to the surface the poisonous fragrance that helped keep the family pantry stocked for the past hundred years. Shuddering one time to thoroughly soak the pores, she gave the door a couple of hard knocks and quickly slipped into her slut persona.

When the door opened, she stuck out her chest and said in her best girlie voice, “Is this where all the cool people play?"

The man who opened the door took one look at her swollen chest and hard nipples, licked his lips and said, “You betcha sweet thang. C’mon in and sit a spell.”


Charla walked in and was immediately blown away by the hardcore thrash metal blaring from the stereo. Someone handed her a bottle of whiskey and a fat doobie, while another gave her a sloppy kiss on the mouth. A third pulled down her tank top and bra and was about to tackle her breasts when someone took the bottle and pulled her away. She quickly found herself on the lap of Hillbilly who had decided that he should be the first to pop her cherry.

“Hey there little lady! How ‘bout letting a real man do you for a while?” asked Hillbilly after taking a large swig of whiskey.

Charla lit up the doobie and took a major hit. Letting the acrid smoke sharpen her senses for several seconds before slowly exhaling, she said coyly, “I don’t know. What would this real man be showing this tender sweet young thing?”

For starters,” said Hillbilly as he stuck his hand down the backside of her cutoffs to cop a feel of her ass. “I would show this tender, juicy, sweet young adorable thing how a real man would bring her to her knees from just a few well placed French kisses.”

“Do tell. Or rather, do show,” said Charla as she took another deep hit of her doobie.

“With pleasure,” said Hillbilly as he stood Charla up. “If you could be so kind, could you climb up on this chair and sit on the top of it for me?”

Charla took one last hit of her doobie and flicked it away before doing what Hillbilly asked. When she got herself situated, she asked, “Anything else?”

Hillbilly knelt down on the cushion and unzipped her cutoffs the rest of the way. He carefully peeled them down until her lightly trimmed bush was exposed. He used his fingers to find the juicy center and was surprised to find a small pentagram clip holding it closed. He fingered it for a moment, looked at Charla, who gave him a shy smile, then carefully unclipped it.

He then proceeded to spend the next few minutes not only French kissing her juicy center but giving it a vigorous workout as well with his middle finger. And not only did he keep his face firmly planted between her legs, but he also managed to alternate his fingering from her juicy center to her tight asshole.

For her part, Charla decided to fake it just long enough to keep him, as well as the others, satisfied until she was ready to claim what was rightfully hers. Not that she wasn’t able to actually enjoy those types of sexual experiences, but since she was never able to find the one person, male or female, that could genuinely satisfy those private needs, she simply didn’t activate them while she was actively keeping the pantry filled.

“Oh papi, you’re making feel all tingly inside with that tongue of yours!” said Charla as she took hold of his head and grinded her hips into his face. “And those magic fingers are just driving me over the edge!”

Charla leaned back a little and bumped into something soft. She reached up and found a rather large piece of meat being placed in her hand. The second she wrapped her slender fingers around it, it began to throb and pulsate. She stroked it a few times to get it hard, then turned her head and swallowed it down to the base.

For the next couple of minutes, the room was transfixed as the nastiest ménage a trois that anyone had ever seen was unfolding live and in living color. Hillbilly was busy tongue fucking Charla to a climax while she was busy sucking another guy dryer than the Mojave desert. Then suddenly, the room explored with a mighty roar as the two guys climaxed hard and Charla delivered a genuinely faked climax as well.

When she had finished her fake climax, Charla wiped her sticky hand on the chair and said, “Oh my god! That was so fuckin’ fantastic! But I need a couple of minutes to recuperate before we move on to some more fun and games. Who’s up for a little titty action?”

“I am,” said Cowboy, who had caught the tail end of the ménage a trois and decided that he needed to sample Charla in the worst possible way.

Cowboy stepped forward, unzipped his jeans and dropped them. Charla raised an eyebrow and asked, “I knew you were a fine piece of ass downstairs, but I didn’t know how fine you really were. So sugar, how do you want your titty action? As a delectable appetizer, or as a hearty meal?”

Cowboy stepped forward, stuck his rod in her chest and said, “A hearty meal please.”

Charla blew him a kiss, which seemed to daze him a little, and wrapped her breasts around his rod. The second she began to titty fuck him, her deadly scent began to float upwards and invade his pores. Before Cowboy knew what hit him, Charla had wormed her way into his soul and with the piston pumping rhythm of her breasts driving the scent deeper, it was simply a matter of minutes before he became zoned out.

But before she was able to bring him to that state of being, Cowboy grabbed her shoulders and broke her rhythm. He did such a hard thrust that Charla had no choice but to take his rod into her mouth to avoid being ejaculated on. When he’d finished, he abruptly pulled out and staggered a couple of steps before falling over his pants.

Still somewhat zoned, Cowboy wasn’t able to get a proper read of Charla’s flashing of her razor sharp teeth, the true intent of her tongue running over her lips and his semen running down her chest. Giving her a thumbs up, he quickly pulled his jeans up and stumbled out of the room and to the hallway. He continued to stumble and stagger until he got to the staircase, where he promptly missed the first step and somersaulted down the staircase, finishing face first and unconscious.

Flashing a tight smile that no one saw, Charla grabbed the seat cushion and cleaned her upper body with it. When she’d finished, she said in her brightest voice, “Who’s next?”

Hillbilly and two others stepped forward, while everyone else got down and dirty with their dates. Charla found the remote for the stereo and turned up the volume a little. Chucking it to the couch, she walked over to the trio and asked, “So what are you three in the mood for?”

Hillbilly answered for them. “Some d.p. for the boys and a little oral for the man.”

“Anything you say big boy,” answered Charla with a harder edge that was missed by all. She kicked away her cut-offs and waited for one of the men to get himself situated on the floor, before straddling his waist and taking hold of his rod. She held it in place as she slowly sat down on it. She yelped a little as the size momentarily caught her off guard, then motioned for the other man to mount her from behind. She yelped again as the man’s size stretched her ass more that what she was used to, then waited until they got going before slowly unleashing her scent.

Once they developed a good rhythm, she motioned for Hillbilly to drop his jeans and step forward. She gasped a little when she saw how large he was, then said, “Okay big boy, fuck my mouth until your semen is running down my face.”

“With pleasure,” answered Hillbilly as he shoved his rod all the way into her mouth. Soon, all was right in Charla’s world. All the sex she was having was causing her to drench the room with her poisonous scent and about three minutes later, the room was under her control.

"Time to take care of business and to feed this filly’s stomach.” she said to herself.

“Oh baby! That feels so good! Your mouth is so super moist its like fucking honey. Yeah, that’s it, swallow it all the way to the balls,” said Hillbilly as he was getting ready not only to blow his wad down her throat, but to smother her with it as well. The other two were waiting for him to blow his load as well, because not only was that the signal for them to grab her arms, but they also got off on blowing their load into women that were going to meet their maker.

Unfortunately for Hillbilly, the only load he blew was about a pint of blood when Charla bit off his rod.

“Holy fuckin’ shit?! What the fuck did you do to my dick?! It’s-“

“Right here in my hand, you sick motherfucker!” answered Charla after she spat out his dick. Throwing it over her shoulder, she quickly latched onto his thigh and ripped a huge chunk out of it before shoving him away.

 The guy on the bottom was the first to die. Charla quickly pulled him out and buried her fist into his mouth, before quickly shoving her entire arm down his throat. She poked around until she got a solid grip on his stomach, then quickly removed her arm. Blood gushed out in massive quantities, soaking the floor and coating the man’s stomach. Charla turned the stomach over this way and that, before taking a large bite out of it and throwing it over her shoulders as well.

 She chewed it for few seconds, then spat it out. “Ugh. Ulcers are so fuckin’ disgusting!”

The man fucking her doggy style was next. She reached around and grabbed him in a vicious headlock and squeezed until his eyes started to pop. Bringing him forward, she took her index finger and began pressing his right eye into his head. Tuning out his screams, she continued to push until her knuckle was rubbing against his eyelid. Quickly withdrawing, she sucked her finger dry and did the exact same thing to his left. This time, she didn’t stop at the knuckle but continued to push until the screaming stopped and the man went limp. She withdrew her finger and was genuinely surprised to find small bits of brain stuck on it.

“Snack,” said Charla as she ate the small pieces of brain. Scrunching her nose at the aftertaste, she turned her attention to Hillbilly, who was desperately trying to stem the blood flow from his two wounds.

 She crawled over and laid down next to him. Propping her head up, she turned his head to the side and whispered, “I know what you and Cowboy did to my father and if I had more time, I would put you through such exquisite pain and suffering that you’d beg me to finish you off like those two rancid pieces of meat you called friends. Since I don’t have that kind of time, I will do the next best thing.”

Hillbilly went wide eyed in terror as he watched Charla stand up and snap her fingers. Almost instantly, he found himself surround by the other dozen partygoers. She walked towards the door and opened it, and just before everything went dead in his world, he heard her say, “My good friends, here is your first course. Enjoy heartily, ‘cause the second course will be the other partygoers.”

Shutting the door behind her, Charla allowed her churning emotions to briefly surface as she searched for a water source to clean off the blood. By the time she found a small shower stall some forty-five seconds later, her emotional cauldron had done the job for her. Smiling inwardly, she started to brush out her hair when an urgent plea finally touched her frequency.

“I need your help!”

Excerpt (c) 2011 by GBMJr. All rights reserved

Friday, November 4, 2011

Patience Is A Sin

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"I really hate doing this."
"I know you do, but we really need the money."
"Isn't there another way of getting the money?"
Me thought about it for a moment, and said, "No."
"I thought so. I'll run interference with our lap dog Jacques while you get yourself dolled up. And remember, I do love you," said James as he gave her a gentle peck on the lips.

Sighing, Mel got out of the truck while James went to take care of Jacques. She took off her clothes and pu on the outfit that Jacques had thoughtfully sent over earlier in the week. Shivering with pleasure from a sudden gust of wind that blew up her dress, she finished putting on the last of her makeup before undoing her braids. she took out a pocket hair dryer and spent the next few minutes blowing out her dark auburn hair.

By the time she'd finished, she saw that James was waving her over. Sighing yet again, Mel chucked the dryer through the truck window, popped on her windbreaker, grabbed her purse and walked over to where James and company were waiting.

"Ah, my lovely and talented Melodious! I'm so glad that you decided to grace us with your presence today," said Jacques as he did an exaggerated bow.
Mel handed James her purse and said, "Grow up. Look at what you got me wearing today."
Jacques gave her the once over and asked, "What's the problem?"
"What's the problem? You know what I usually wear at these shoots, and this ain't it."
"Believe me, for this shoot, what you got on is more than enough."
"Seriously. See those piles of rocks by the cliff? If you take a casual stroll over to them, you'll find your leading man Bryon. Now shoo."

Sighing yet again, Mel walked over to where Bryon was hanging ten at. As she got closer, she was able to see that Bryon was the kind of guy that the girls would fight over: tall, muscular, and very good looking.
"This should be interesting. Wonder what the size is?" she said to herself.
When she got there, Mel stuck out her hand and said, "Hi! I'm Mel."
Bryon shook her hand and said, "I'm Bryon. It's an honor to me you."
"Really?" answered Mel as she took out a compact to check her makeup. "Well, we'll just have to do something about that, won't we. Excuse me for a minute."

Mel spotted one of the crew members holding a megaphone. She snatched it from him and said, "Jacques! Front and center!"
Jacques came strolling up to the shot and said, "Yes?"
"What did you tell that guy about me?"
Jacques fidgeted nervously before answering. "Only good things, I swear!"
"You better." Mel looked around at the rest of the shot and asked, "Am I in charge out there with Bryon?"
"Yes, but I don't think--"
Mel cut him off. "That's right, you don't think. If you did, I wouldn't be here."
The second those words left her mouth, Mel knew that she'd crossed the line. Moving in so that no one esle could hear, she whispered a few choice words, which quickly lifted Jacques spirits.

Giving James a dirty look, she walked back to where Bryon was patiently waiting for her. Holding up her finger, Mel said, "Give me a minute to get ready. Do you know what you want to do? If so, just play off what I do. If not, well, you'll figure it out soon enough."

Byron nodded and said, "Yes, I do."

Mel smiled and took off her windbreaker. Jaws around the set immediately dropped as they got a good view of what she was wearing: a light see through floral print dress that minimally covered what Satan had graced her with. The dress perfectly complimented her dark auburn hair and cherry red lipstick.

Squeezing her breasts, she asked Bryon, "You like?"

Bryon nodded in agreement. Mel smiled and licked her fingertips before partially unbuttoning her dress and pinching her nipples for several seconds. Exhaling, she struck a provocative pose next to Bryon.

Blowing in his ear, she asked, "Are you ready?"
To which he only nodded, "Yes."
"Alright then." Turning to the crew, she said, "Whenever you're ready!"
Someone yelled, "Action!" and action is what Mel did and what Bryon didn't.

For her part, Mel struck various erotic and semi-explicit poses around Bryon. She knelt down in front of him stroking his groin and admiring his physique; knelt down in front of him looking up with innocent eyes and jiggling breasts; bending over in front of him to pretending to pick flowers and show him a full sensuous moon; stretching; the casual opening of the dress at the waist and raising her dress up six inches as an edible teaser.

As for Bryon, he was simply star struck. He basically followed her around with huge puppy dog eyes and drooling mouth, so mesmerized by her every move that he largely forgot what he was supposed to do.

Before Jacques could yell Cut!, Mel did, although not with words but with a slice across the throat. She had Bryon take a seat on the rocks and out of earshot before turning her attention back to Jacques.

When she'd grabbed him by the collar, the crew saw a bright reddish-orange halo suddenly encase her body. At that very instant, the crew broke ranks and scattered. A newbie who didn't know about Mel's incendiary temper didn't scatter with the rest, so when Mel walked by with Jacques in tow, he got turned to charcoal.

Mel threw him down to the ground and said, "Motherfucker! Let me see that contract! So help me, if its one of those stupid farmer-in-the-dell type fantasy deals, I'll fry you right where you stand!"
Jacques crawled over to Mel and began groveling. "Melodious, please! I was desperate for work! Ever since you left, nobody would work with me on anything that mattered! I was down to shooting pictorials for lad magazines for Christ's sake!"

"Don't use that word in my presence!" she snapped.

Jacques went wide eyed but still continued to grovel. "Melodious, I needed you so bad that I was willing to do anything to get you to come back!"
"Even lying? You lied to me Jacques. How could you lie to me?"
"I'm sorry, but you got to understand, I was desperate! Look, you can still do the shoot your way!"

In her anger, Mel had totally forgot that she was in charge out there on the set. Flashing Jacques an evil smile, she said, "Absolutely. Get back to that camera and we'll finish the shoot."

The crew waited until Jacques threw them a 'get your motherfucking ass moving before she changes her mind' look. They quickly shifted into overdrive and got things ready in less than three minutes.

Mel walked over to where Bryon was still sitting and said, "Sorry about that. A few certain particulars weren't told to me prior to the start of the shoot. Could you briefly tell me what this is all about?"
"Sure. A rugged farmer working the land with his best girl by his side."
"I'm gonna fry that frog's ass when this shoot is over!" she said to herself. To Bryon, she said, "Okay, farmer working the land. So what I did earlier was acceptable to you, right?"
"Sure it was fine. Got me a little excited too."

Mel tapped his cheek a couple of times and said, "Well big boy, that was the main idea. For this next scene, how about we do the dinner table? You know, I serve you a huge plate of food grown from the efforts of your labor. Does that work for you?"
"Does it ever!"
"That's my boy. Give me a coupe of minutes to get things ready on the set," said Mel as she gave Bryon's ass a hard squeeze and a sensual kiss on the mouth.

A couple of minutes later, a typical farmhouse dinner table was created and primed for action. Mel had Bryon sit at the head of the table, with various members of the crew playing the parts of farmhands sitting on either side. Mel picked up a large plate of food and waited for her cue.

Jacques again yelled, "Action!" and action is what Mel and Bryon did.

Mel served the plate of food to Bryon. She leaned over until Bryon was distracted by her perfectly shapped and unrestrained breasts, before flashing her teeth and with the speed of a cobra, buried them deep into the side of his neck. Within the span of fifteen seconds she had taken a half pint from a dazed Bryon.

The rest of the crew quickly took over the second Mel withdrew, and within fifteen minutes all that was left of farmer Bryon was a small pile of bones.

Wiping the blood from her lips, Mel quickly changed backed into her regular clothes and walked over to where Jacques and James were reviewing the final scene.

Grabbing Jacques by the neck, she said very quietly, "If you ever, and I mean ever, lie to me again, I will make you a slave to the lowliest disgusting pig that passes for a crew member here. Do I make myself understood on this point?"

Jacques shook his head, so Mel said, "Good. In the meantime, I think that you need to go on a short vacation."

Before he could respond, Mel snapped her fingers and two very large and very ugly minions appeared at his side. Each took a firm grip of his arms, then just as quick, disappeared with their quarry when the ground opened and swallowed them whole.

Mel then turned her attention to James. Because he knew what was coming, he sat down on the ground and lowered his head. A few seconds later, a monstrous bolt of lightning struck the set and obliterate all traces within a one mile radius.

When the authorities came to investigate the multitude of phone calls about a large explosion, all they were able to find was a warm floral print dress, a smoldering pile of charcoal and a small pile of freshly gnawed bones.

originally (c) 2009 by GBMJr under the title "A Study In Character". Rewritten and (c) 2011 by GBMJr. All rights reserved