About It's Always Saturday In Suburbia


After closing Flashing Georgie's Shorts back in June 2010, I was left with the sticky problem of where to post examples of my work. I had previously used FGS not only to showcase my short stories, but to showcase as well random samples of my work, some of which are quite adult oriented and thus could not be reasonably accommodated at my main blog.

After a while, I stopped working on the problem and went back to the business at hand, which was maintaining my other blogs: Cedar's Mountain and Shooting Suburbia. However, when I decided in mid August 2010 to start up a series of posts featuring bad writing (among other things), I knew that I needed another blog for my random slices of adult oriented goodness.

Originally titled "Partially Yours", It's Always Saturday In Suburbia will feature random slices of adult oriented goodness that would be too raunchy, too risque and too controversial for Cedar's Mountain. I hope you'll find this blog to your liking.