Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Open Letter To An Ingrate

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are the most bonafide narcissistic useless piece of human flesh that it has been my misfortune to meet.

Not only do you think that the world revolves around you, but you have gone above and beyond the normal definition of slacker. Never have I seen someone so incredibly and utterly demanding yet such a walking definition of a loser as you.

Not only do you give microscopically less than the minimal effort, but you become utterly stupid should someone not accept your "maximum" effort to whatever task or job that you happened to be assigned to.

You are thoroughly contemptible individual who brings all kinds of misery and stress on the people you happen to come into contact with, and yet, hold yourself completely blameless for the shit storm that you leave in your wake.

Think I'm joking?

The type of people that I've had to talk to in the month of April completely blows me away, as never in my entire life have I had to deal with those people on any kind of level.

But only you, with your special ability to do stupid things should someone have the audacity and temerity to question your word or not acquiesce to your demands, would force our little family business unit to deal with the hard-working people who work in the front lines of the legal community.


In three years.

And not only did our little family business unit have to deal with those hard-working people on the front lines, but our little family unit had to deal with the continuing fallout from Big Brother as well. How the hell am I supposed to weather this special little shit storm that you'd created just for me?

I just can't simply do what I'm supposed to do for the foreseeable future now, because of the shit storm you decided to unleash in my direction. Now I have to go through other people in order to do what I'm supposed to do. How fuckin' fair is that? Do you think I enjoy having other people do certain things for me, simply because I'm not allowed to?

That is complete and utter bullshit.

Bottom line is that even though you'd like to think that this little shit storm will go the way of the others, you would be sadly mistaken to think that way. Enough things are in place so that if you don't show a little initiative, a little gumption, a shade more than the minimal effort that you normally give, the end result will be something that you may not have thought would actually happen.

Maybe, some day, I'll come to terms with what you've done to me and the family business this year, and maybe some day I'll even start dealing with you on a normal basis.

But until then, just go about your business of digging a deeper hole for yourself, having your business associates use you as a tool and leave me the fuck alone.