Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Am A Linear Kind Of Guy

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm a linear kind of guy. I'm not the kind of writer who jumps from scene to scene or chapter to chapter while writing a story. I find that to be very confusing, in not downright annoying.

I like writing a story that unfolds in a proper sequential order. You know, part A slides into part B, which slides into part C, with a slight detour back to part A so that part D makes sense. Etc., etc., etc.

I also like writing a story that if its destined to be part of a series, in chronological order as well.

So it bothered me greatly that while I was working on a total rewrite of this, the memory of a 99% completed prequel to that book came to the forefront.

Naturally, the first word that popped into my head was, "Shit."

Why this particular select adjective?

Because it was appropriate for the moment, in that the following scenarios were sadly executed.

1} We come to a complete stop with our writing, because, how can you properly write what is now part 2 w/o fixing/finishing part 1?
2} We were able to find said prequel both in our serious large slushie pile and our old XP computer.
3} A brief skim of the contents of said prequel told us in no uncertain terms that it was much easier to complete and tweak said prequel than to complete book two then have to go back and make the prequel fit book 2.


Going back to the prequel, we took it plus a small pad, went to the outside deck and preceded to closely examine what exactly it is I have.

First thing that I saw wrong was the chapters for plot two. Back in the day when I wrote this, I decided to write two separate plot lines and have them eventually merge, much like I did with the original novella. Problem was that the more my memory became refreshed,  the less likely that plot #2 would have something of a home in the prequel, even though it sort of mirrored the 2nd plot in book two. So that got yanked out and put aside for future use (yes, I'm not about to completely pitch twenty pages of a good story).

Next on the plus side, I actually started rewriting this thing and got about three pages done before I decided to cry Auntie 'Em. So at least the way I wrote the characters in the first are matching up with the characters in the 2nd.

I also performed some basic research with this prequel. Seriously, I researched some various honeymoon spots, then decided on Virginia Beach. Also researched some driving routes and when I finally settled on one, I worked that into the story as well.

In this prequel, the sexual scenes (some overt, some not so overt) that I wrote were vastly improved from what I was writing earlier (What-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am), so I'll only do a little tweaking.

Additionally, this was the first novel in which I tried to properly write about interracial relationships, which isn't easy if you've never been in one beyond being friends with certain members of the opposite sex. Even though overall I did a good job writing the relationship, it could use a little more tweaking, so to speak. Especially since the new version of the novella has a better balanced ying/ yang relationship. The relationship in the prequel is more one sided and thus has the ability to turn people off.

Finally, while the novel is 99% complete, the remaining 1% shouldn't be too difficult to write. After all, I do have roughly 36 pages of the novella rewritten, so making sure the ending of the first does fall seamlessly into the beginning of the second will be a piece of cake.

So there you have it my friends, the seriously long version of why I'm switching writing projects yet again.

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