Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Synopsis for "Line 21"

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JEANNIE hung up the phone after negotiating a five day extension of her juice payments to her uncle and began to panic. She had no idea on how she was going to come up with two thousand dollars by Friday and the prospect of having her knees capped weighed heavily on her conscience.

Sighing hard, she took out her newspaper to scan the help wanted ads, but her attention was diverted by someone sitting down next to her and whistling a lively tune.

Surprised to hear someone in such a good mood, she struck up a casual conversation with the man, who introduced himself as Ken Eppee casting director for adult movies. Several minutes later, Jeannie was on her way home with his business card and an invite to an open audition the next day.

However Jeannie still wasn’t convinced that she was doing the right thing, so she decided to bounce the idea off her symbiont AISSA. By the time they finished talking about it, Jeannie was convinced that this was the only way to pay off her debts.

The next day Jeannie got up early so as to get to the audition as early as possible. When she got there, she saw that there was a least a dozen other women competing for that same job. When her turn came, she hesitated as the idea of having public sex was about to become a reality. Twenty minutes later, her flawless celluloid performance got her the job.

Tuesday continued where Monday had left off at. Jeannie was so hyped up for her new job that her entire body was primed for use. After Aissa had explained the particulars as to why her entire body was primed and talked herself into tagging along to the shoot, Jeannie got dressed and took off for the suburbs. By the end the morning, she successfully shot her first piece of adult film, and when the day’s shoot concluded in the late afternoon, Jeannie cemented her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the adult movie industry.

However, the excitement of the day quickly caught up with Jeannie as within a minute of pulling into the condo parking lot, she answered nature’s call and puked her brains out. Within a few minutes of staggering into her apartment to clean up, her next door neighbor GEOFF came over to check on her well being. After a short conversation, not only did she assure him that she was fine but managed to set up a lunch date at the park for the next day.

Once she got rid of him, she had a short but meaningful conversation with Aissa and promised to have a long talk about her new career and how it was going to be handled after she had dinner with her parents. Arriving at home a few hours later, she was very surprised to see her uncle’s bodyguard sitting in her apartment waiting to offer his services to her. Declining the offer, she sent him on his way and then spent the rest of the night quietly exploring her body.

The next morning Jeannie awakened to find herself on the couch and her uncle’s bodyguard sitting in the kitchen. After finding out as to why he was there, she thanked him and sent him on his way so that she could meet up with Geoff at the park for their lunch date. A few hours later, while on their way home, Aissa and Jeannie had an argument over the fact that Aissa had made an appearance and interrupted Jeannie’s lunch. When they got back to the apartment, Aissa reminded her that tomorrow’s shoot was taking place at the beach. Jeannie freaked and spent the rest of the night convincing herself that she was still doing the right thing.

The next day when Jeannie woke up she found that she was wrapped up like a mummy and Aissa was sitting on her stomach. After getting the particulars as to why she was wrapped up like a mummy, Jeannie was able to piece together the reason as to why she acted like goof last night. Unwrapping herself, Jeannie told Aissa that she was going to spend the day being her, so that she could experience first hand what it was like to live like a real person, as opposed to living her life through her. Taken by surprise at this sudden turn of events, Aissa quickly agreed to Jeannie’s idea and about twenty minutes after switching places, they took off for the beach.

Once they got there, Aissa took her time walking to the shoot location as she took in the sights, sounds and smells of the beach. When she got within visual range, she decided to make a memorable entrance to the video shoot location, and about twenty minutes later was giving her very first on-screen performance.

Right after the shoot broke for lunch Aissa spotted Wallace watching the action from a sea wall. Running over to talk to him, she quickly found out that Geoff had been spotted lurking around the parking lot. Before she had a chance to say anything else, Jeannie re-entered her body and threw a conniption fit. Aissa maintained her composure long enough until she was out of sight then gave Jeannie a verbal bitch slapping, before returning to the beach to finish up the video shoot.

The drive home from beach was just as eventful as the drive to, as Jeannie continued wigging out over the fact that Geoff had shown up at the video shoot. Aissa simply tuned out her latest rant and spent the rest of the trip thinking about how to coexist with someone suffering from a broken heart. Shortly after arriving at home, Aissa bumped into Geoff and after a brief exchange, got him to agree to talk to Jeannie about what happened at the beach.

Jeannie and Geoff had a heart-to-heart talk and when it ended, she walked out with a repaired relationship and a marriage proposal. When Aissa found about the marriage proposal, she became so genuinely happy about it that for the first and only time in her life, she became a flesh and blood sister to Jeannie. The moment soon ended and Jeannie spent the rest of the night consoling and comforting an emotionally distraught Aissa.

Jeannie woke up the next morning with the stereo blasting and Aissa nowhere to be found. Before she could do anything else her uncle’s bodyguard’s deep voice pierced her brain and brought her back to the present. After finding out that Aissa (masquerading as Jeannie) had called him and why he came over to the apartment, she thanked him for his time and sent him on his way.

Once he left, Jeannie had another chat with Aissa and once again helped through another emotional meltdown. Once she’d finished, Jeannie broached the delicate subject of their co-existence by stating that Aissa could spend the next few hours living the life of a real person with no interference from her.

Before Aissa could say anything, she quickly found herself that her entire character and personality had bled through and she was now in all appearances, herself and not Jeannie. She proved this to the outside world when the leading man from the video shoot stopped by and thought she was Jeannie. She showed him otherwise and they quickly spent the next few hours on the rooftop having all kinds of crazy sex.

When the man left, Aissa noticed on her cell phone that she had about ten minutes to get dressed and to the apartment so that she could make the body switch with Jeannie. She quickly got dressed and ran down the six flights to the apartment, only to find the front door locked. Distraught, she sat down and began to cry. Just then Jeannie’s uncle’s bodyguard showed up and opened up the door for her.

Aissa thanked him and ran inside. Quickly changing out her bathing suit, she reached up to the ceiling mirror just in time as Jeannie made the exchange and zapped her back to her world. When Aissa came to, Jeannie barked at her to get dressed as she had an important lunch engagement with Geoff at the park. Aissa balked, so Jeannie patiently explained that she had epiphany while she was gone and would explain it in greater detail after their lunch date in the park.

A few hours later and oblivious to what Geoff’s ulterior motives might’ve been at lunch, Jeannie spent the rest of the afternoon first explaining what her epiphany was and then comforting Aissa as the realization that she would be spending part of her life living as a real person sank in.

Emotionally spent after the intense tête-à-tête with Aissa, Jeannie went up to the rooftop to crash for a while. Within a few seconds of closing her eyes, she had an intense dream that culminated in solidifying her symbiotic relationship with Aissa. Waking up in a pool of sweat, she staggered down the stairs to get dressed for her dinner date with her uncle and Geoff. After stopping by the apartment to pick up Geoff, Jeannie took off for the restaurant.

After arriving and before going into the restaurant, Jeannie noticed a change in Geoff’s demeanor after he finished a short phone conversation as his tone became a little menacing. She grabbed his arm and marched off to the restaurant, where a few minutes later, they were seated at her uncle’s table. Jeannie excused herself to freshen up and to retrieve the money that she owed her uncle stashed in her bra. When she got back to the dining room, she found herself on the receiving end of a revolver that Geoff was pointing at her.

He grabbed the money, briefly used her as a shield, then shoved her to the ground as he ran out the back exit and down the alleyway. Jeannie quickly gave chase and when she got into striking distance, she launched a flying tackle. At the same exact moment, Geoff turned and fired. Jeannie’s uncle’s bodyguard arrived on the scene a few minutes later, and saw that Jeannie was gravely wounded. He killed Geoff and quickly turned his attention back to Jeannie’s gunshot wound. As he tried to stop the bleeding, he thought about that special girl who touched him like no other, and cried.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amigos Con Las Ventajas

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Jennifer had just gotten herself situated on the couch for a dull night of t.v. viewing when the main entrance buzzer went off. Sighing, she turned off the t.v. and pressed the talk button on the intercom.
“Who is it?”
“Isn’t it kind of late for you to be here?”
“I guess. Can I come in?”

Jennifer pressed another button and a couple of minutes later, heard a knock on her front door. She got up and walked over to answer it. Along the way, she undid a couple of buttons and finger combed her hair. Satisfied with her appearance, she opened the door and standing in front of her was a rather glum looking Bobby.

“What’s wrong?”
“I got into another argument with Jill. Can I come in?”
Jennifer opened the door the rest of the way and watched as Bobby gave her a peck on the cheek, before walking into the living room and taking a seat on the couch. Sighing, she closed the door and went into the kitchen to grab a couple of beers.

Handing a bottle to Bobby, she then took a seat in the lounge chair and popped open hers. Taking a long swig, she pointed at him and asked, “So what did you fight about this time?”
Bobby took a long swig from his bottle, leaned back and propped his feet up on the coffee table.

Jennifer got up and walked over to the couch. Taking up a spot behind him, she began to tenderly massage his neck and shoulders.
“Bobby, what did you fight about this time?” she asked again, this time in a more soothing tone.
For the longest time, Bobby remained silent. The reason why he remained silent had to do with the fact that he didn’t know how to tell Jennifer that the fight he had with Jill was about his close friendship with her.

For the past twenty years Bobby and Jennifer were about as close to one another as two people could get without become lovers or spouses. Theirs was a friendship that knew no bounds and quite often took precedence over whatever normal relationship they had going on at the time.

Jennifer could feel that Bobby was incredibly tense and nervous, and he only got like that when the topic of choice was her. She knelt down and said, “It was about me, wasn’t it?”
Bobby took another swig and answered, “Yeah.”
“Why did you tell her about us? Especially so early in your relationship.”
“She’s into that whole honesty thing, so I thought--"
“So you thought you would tell her about your friendship with me.”
Jennifer gave him a peck on the cheek, before standing up and walking around to the coffee table. Moving his feet, she sat down on the coffee table and unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way.
“So my good friend, what can I do to put you back in the proper frame of mind that you need to be in so that you can work things out with Jill?” asked Jennifer, who after unbuttoning her shirt had peeled it off and tossed it to the side.

“I don’t know. I really want to make this relationship with Jill work, but she’s such a freakin’ ice queen.”
“Does her being an ice queen make her jealous about me and insecure about herself?”
“So…what do you need from me?” asked Jennifer, who was now straddling his lap.
“You’ll always get that from me.”
“True,” said Bobby, who just realized that Jennifer was sitting on his lap and making googly eyes at him.

Giving her a rather sad smile, he said, “Listen, I think its about time we looked into taking care of your needs tonight for a change. I heard through the grapevine that new boy toy of yours is giving you a world of grief.”
A sad smile briefly appeared on her face and Bobby knew right away that tonight was going to be about comforting a close friend.
“What kind of grief is your new boy toy putting you through?”
Jennifer leaned back, sighed heavily, and said, “This boy has spent the past couple of years living a sheltered life, and because of it, has some incredibly old fashioned ideas about dating.”
“Celibacy. Which means…”
“Which means I haven’t gotten any in the past couple of months.”
“So you need?”
Jennifer leaned in, gave Bobby a passionate kiss, and said, “I need to feel something.”
“Something. Anything. A little. A lot. It don’t matter at this point. I just need to be.”

Bobby unsnapped her bra and took it off, then Jennifer helped him out his shirt. She then accepted his outstretched hands and snuggled up in his warm muscular body. For the next couple of minutes, they stayed in that embrace, each enjoying the other’s warm body on themselves.

“Anything in particular you want to do next?” asked Bobby, who’d started running his fingers lightly all over Jennifer’s back.
Biting her lip, she answered, “Inside.”
“I told you, I haven’t gotten any in the past couple of months….oh man, don’t stop that feathering.”
“I don’t know…the one thing about our friendship that’s been a constant is that I don’t go inside of you like that.”
“I know, but I really need to feel that inside tonight. Look, if it’ll make you feel any better, I’ll be in charge. You just sit there and be your adorable muscular self.”
She gave his neck a little nibble and said, “Bobs.”
It was the rare occasion that Jennifer would call him by the nickname from their childhood, because that meant she really wanted something personal from him. Giving her head a kiss, he said, “Okay.”

Jennifer sat up and moved back to the coffee table. She then unbuttoned and unzipped Bobby’s jeans and lowered them until they were at his ankles. She then undid hers, pulled out his rod and spent the next couple of minutes stroking it to hardness. Once she got it to where she wanted it, she took off her jeans and climbed back on. She straddled his waist, took hold of his rod and carefully worked it in.

Once she had it in, she readjusted her position and using a slow hip thrust, began riding Bobby into oblivion. True to her word, she did all the work and Bobby simply laid there being his adorable muscular self. All he really did, besides enjoying her gentle hip thrusts, was to make sure that her soft squishy chest was satisfied as well.

Several minutes later, Jennifer took hold of Bobby’s shoulders and did one last squat. Bobby held her in that position as the painful sensation he was getting told him it was time to let loose. Locking eyes, they quickly moved to locking lips as each one blew their load into the other.

When the spasms finally subsided, Jennifer carefully pulled him out and stood up on wobbly legs. After flexing them for a minute or two, she sat on his lap cross-legged and whispered, “I can’t tell how much this really means to me, but if you come back tomorrow, I’ll give you a couple of pointers on how you can fix things up with Jill.”
Bobby brushed a few strands of hair out her eyes and said, “Will do. I’m glad that you’re feeling better. I better get going, because I’m gonna need to find a place to crash tonight.”
“Do you want to crash here tonight? I can dig out a couple of blankets and a pillow.”
“You sure? I don’t want to be an imposition if you got plans tomorrow.”
“No imposition. After all, that’s what friends are for. You did a big favor for me, the very least I can do is partially return it by letting you crash here tonight. Besides,” Jennifer paused to give him a sloppy kiss. “I can give you a few pointers tomorrow morning at breakfast.”

Bobby smiled, and as he watched Jennifer walk towards the bedroom to retrieve the blankets and pillows wth her tight ass gently swaying as she walked, thought about how truly special their friendship was, and said, “I am indeed living the good life.”

(c) 2011 by GBMJr. All rights reserved

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Computerized Slush Pile

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1} A Betrayal of Vows. This was supposed to be the longer version of this particular self-pubbed book, and in fact, I wrote the main plot up to the beginning of the self-pubbed book. Came to stop because I couldn't figure out how to get the two female lead characters to where they are introduced in the story. Wrote 12 chapters all together, equally divided just like in the self-pubbed book. First one I actually did research on. Last opened on July 7, 2008.

2} A Lascivious Limbo. This was supposed to be the novel that I was going to use when I decided to get serious about being published. It was based on a badly written short story that I posted in the first year of this blog (please check the tag "Longer Short Story"). This was the second novel that I did some basic research on, and wrote a couple of character outlines as well. Because I was using the badly written short story as my basic outline of the story, I came to a stop on this one because I had a problem getting my main character from where she was in Limbo to her funeral. Also had a problem in trying to figure out not only how to tidy up all the loose ends, but how to write a funeral and a suicide. This was the book I stopped working on when the idea for Line 21 popped into my head. Last opened February 6, 2010.

3} Blackness In The White Sand. This was also based on a previously published short story called, "The Sand", in which a woman visits a hot new beach that a friend tells her about, has a far out encounter with a hot looking guy, and gets turned into a vampire. I decided to write a novella based on the story, with the plot line being that she has 72 hours in which to find this guy so that she could turn back into what she was, otherwise she would stay a vampire/hybrid and become the guy's right hand man on earth. This one I didn't do too much research on, but I will say it was very heavy on the violence. Also, this was my first genuine attempt in which I tried to write two linear plots within one story, as opposed to writing alternating plots that meet up in the end (like in my second self pubbed book and in the previously mentioned A Betrayal of Vows). My enthusiasm for this story petered out after about 27 pages, mostly because I had too many glaring issues to fix (plotting, pacing, etc.). Last worked on October 29, 2009. The one good thing that came out of this failed chapbook style story was that I was able to take the lessons learned from that and apply them to a higher quality chapbook-style story called "A Troubled Conscience".

4} The Anointed Ones and Persona Non Grata. These were two separately distinct novellas that I was working on separately that were primarily composed of 12 short stories that I wanted to eventually meet in the end. They were of a fantasy type basis and I started applying a few things that I read/learned about in the blog world (like world building). The characters were unusual as well, in that they were a mix of humans and animals, sort of like a Planet of the Apes style of living. My enthusiasm for these eventually petered out as well, when the words started drying up and it became more difficult to write to separate novellas that would eventually merge into one. I wound up posting most of these short stories on FGS in the late spring of '10. These were last worked on October 25-27, 2009, but realistically no new stuff was added since that summer. The one good thing that came out of these two failed novellas, was that I raided a lot of elements from them to create my current headache, Dandelion Tears.

In addition to those incredibly incomplete headaches, I have a few other stories that I wrote back in 2007, in which I've been trying on and off for the past three years to tidy up and make readable.

5} The Grid. This was a story that I wrote during my extremely fertile period of 2006. Originally titled "Underground", the basic plot was about a group of friends getting revenge on another for her abysmal behavior towards them. It was a fun story to write, but after spending a year getting it rejected, I realized it needed a lot of polishing up. So I spent the next few years working on it trying not only to make it readable, but also to fix up a few key components to make less identifiable and more generic to the masses. It's still not where I want it, so it's also sitting in my slush pile until I find the motivation to work on it. Last touched on November 30, 2009.

6} Conversate. Also written during my fertile period of 2006, I took a brief passage from my first self pubbed book and tried to make a story out of it. Twenty+ pages later, it remains the only story I ever written that had no discernible plot to speak of. Nada. Zip. Zilcho. Tried to rewrite it but only got six pages written. Last worked on May 5, 2010.

And finally, I would like to make note of a short story I started last year called "Candy Connoisseur", which was directly based on a person I saw while I was out grocery shopping one bright sunny Sunday afternoon. Do I really need to explain what that particular person looked like? I didn't think so. Anyways, that lasted about five pages before I came to a halt because I couldn't figure out where I should go with a plot of a guy who specialized in taking breast shots of woman for adult movies and his oversized yet self-conscious older girlfriend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

What Do You Need Stuffed?

Warning: This post contains strong sexual content and salty language. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Then again, since you had to answer a question to get here in the first place, maybe you should just disregard this warning and continue with your reading.

I have a warped imagination that shows itself during the worst possible moments at work. Fortunately, I am blessed to have co-workers that have somehow been able, for the past two or three years, to tune into my wavelength, and thus deal with my warped imagination in the way that most normal (read: non-p.c.) people do.

By feeding me straight lines.

The other day, while I was walking by a co-worker's cube, she said to me, "If you're bored, I have some things that need to be stuffed."

Now you know at that precise instant that particular sentence registered in my mind, my co-worker immediately regretted saying it. Why? Because she knows how my twisted little mind works.

How does my twisted little mind work with a sentence like that?

By using it as a piece of delectable fodder for a post. Like this:

Hot looking guy walks into his kitchen and spots his hot looking play toy (you know the type, tits the size of honeydews, an ass that's screaming to be spanked, a pussy that's screaming to be fucked and a IQ so low that she makes Deputy Dawg look positively brilliant) standing at the kitchen counter holding a couple of huge green bell peppers and looking kind of lost.

Guy asks his play toy, "What's wrong?"
Play toy answers, "I don't know what I should stuff these peppers with."
Guy says, "How 'bout we stuff it with some sausage?"
Play toy answers, "What sausage?"
Guy says, "This one." and proceeds to drop his shorts, drops her shorts and then fucks his play toy until she screams for mercy.

Yeah, I know, it reads like a three minute porno clip. Look, I never said I had a clean mind, just a warped imagination.

Or, we could use it like this.

A lonely, horny and incredibly well built MiLF walks into a convenience store late one night and engages the cashier on duty in some rather highly sexual repartee. You know the kind of repartee: blatantly inappropriate, incredibly explicit and normally costs $1.99 for the first three minutes and $3.99 for each additonal minute thereafter.

Anyways, after a few minutes of this highly charged exchange of words, the cashier is feeling all hot and bothered. Yup, he is sweating bullets and unbuttoning a few shirt buttons to cool off. The MiLF leans forward until she's about spilling out and says ever so provocatively, "I'm looking for something sweet to fill my empty tummy. Do you have anything that I could stuff into my mouth and satisfy my tummy ache?"

The cashier looks around to make sure the store is empty and says, "I have just thing right behind this counter. Why don't you come around the side and I'll give you a little something?"

The lonely, horny and incredibly well built MiLF walks around the side, takes a seat on a milk crate, and unbuttons the top part of her dress until her twin titans of yummy are exploding with natural goodness. The cashier unzips and he proceeds to stuff her face until her tummy ache goes away.

Yeah, I know that this reads like a three minute porno clip as well. Look, I did say that this was going to be a graphic post, didn't I? Well alrighty then, this isn't Kansas anymore and we don't have a failure to communicate.

And finally, we can go batshit abnormal and use it like this:

Average looking guy is reading his local gossip rag (National Enquirer is his weapon of choice) and spots an advert in the classifieds that reads, "Make easy money at home stuffing envelopes. No outlay of funds needed, just a low IQ and zero self-esteem. Learn how to stuff all kinds of things into all kinds of envelopes in all kinds of ways. Just call this non-toll free 1-900 number now and you'll be well on your way in your new exciting career in the sub-sub minimum wage industry."

Out of one seemingly innocuous little sentence, we have come up with two rip-roaring pieces of sleaze at its corruptible finest, and one pedestrian piece of swill that even your own mother wouldn't want to read.

I thank you for stopping by today and rest assure that I will always strive to write the absolute worst sleaze that I can come up with out of the most innocuous phrases and sentences ever uttered in my presence.