Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Complaint

My original e-mail complaint about being banned/blocked from their Facebook page. Editing was done to eliminate my full name and e-mail addy.

From: G

Banning me from your Facebook page only shows how thin skinned you really are to criticism from radio listeners. Seems to me that the program director needs to step down and let someonewho has a thicker skin do the job. Or at the least, get off the air.

Now, "his" response. Editing was done to eliminate my full name.

"I'm never on Facebook and from what I understand the jocks let everyone have their say for a week and started getting rid of the most abusivesince the page is for jocks and fans. If you're not a fan why would you be on anyway? The owner runs a business, non corporate or not hedoesn't want to lose money. So we had our 3rd round of layoffs to stayrock, stay live and local, and stay in business. Do you think if Maryand Holden had killer ratings he would've let them go? He made hischoice and we all have to live with it. Don't blame me or the jocks, blame the economy. You've had your say; I would hope you would stay with WCCC and the new more music less talk approach but if not there area ton of radio stations to listen to (I personally think they all suck but you know what they say about opinions) I can't get off the air they save a ton of money. Hopefully I'll get better soon. Nothing personal G I assume the jocks just got sick of the abuse they do not deserve. Hey I still like you!!!"
Note: I did not reply to this e-mail because I'm not sure if I would be able to keep a civil tongue while deconstructing this response with my usual amount of sarcastic clarity. Sometimes its best to let things stay at the point of live and let live.

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