Thursday, March 10, 2011

When A Young Man's Fancy Turns To USDA Prime T & A

Perry was walking down one of the crowded corridors at the mall when he spotted Todd waving at him. Changing direction, he soon popped up where Todd was holding court at. Performing his trademark fist punch handshake, Perry took a seat next to Todd and unzipped his hoody.

"What is up my man?" asked Perry.

"Man, you would not believe the amount of fresh meat that is out and about at the mall today. I mean, there is some prime tender sweet young things flashing their wares for everyone to sample."

"Man, don't I know it. Can you believe the size of some of those tits that are being showcased today? I swear that it must be something in the food that makes them grow so fuckin' big that you can't help but stare at them, hard."

"Yeah, and can you believe how bullet erect some of them are? I mean, the t-shirts they're wearing just barely protects them. Thank God that wearing bras is not bad fashion statement anymore."

"Yup. And can you believe the amount of cleavage that some of this fine ladies have? I've been spending a better part of a half hour just walking around the upper level and looking down at the babes on the first floor. Man, what I wouldn't give to drop a few ice cubes down their shirts for an impromptu wet shirt contest."

Todd took a sip of his coffee and stuck out his hand as a hot looking babe came walking by. She moved a few steps over to the left and quickened her pace. Shrugging, he reached in between the cushions and pulled out a small hand mirror and spent the next minute gazing in the mirror and drooling at the hot babe until she disappeared into a ladies clothing boutique. Sighing hard, he put the mirror away and took another sip of his coffee.

"Some fine looking ass out there as well. So soft and sensuous, the tight jeans they're wearing just accentuates that booty to the point where you just want to touch and fondle it."

"Absolutely. The younger the ass, the better. Can you believe the ass on some of these fine looking young ladies? Good lord, I just want to spank the crap out of them until they squeal for mercy."

Todd and Perry both fell silent as they spent the next several minutes watching the mall reality show "Fresh Springtime Pussy On Parade."

Perry looked at his cell phone to check the time. Pursing his lips, he said, "Hey dude, watching all of these fine honeys walking by almost made me forget that I'm running late for work. So if there isn't anything else floating around in the nasty little brain of yours, I gotta jet."

Todd took a look at his cell phone as well, and said, "Yeah, I might as well get going too. My lunch break is about over. So where you hanging out today, Mr. Mall Security Officer?"

"Outside one of those trendy lingerie stores. Apparently one of those D-list celebs from the adult movie world has a meet and greet with her fans today, so they're expecting a huge crowd of drooling guys. You?"

"Unfortunately, I get to look at the world through my little Jeep Waggoner today, as I'm doing parking lot and perimeter patrol today."

"That sucks. Well, at least you were able to enjoy a little bit of spring time action indoors for a change, right?"

Todd smiled for a brief moment, and said, "Absolutely."


  1. that's what i'm talkin' 'bout!

    ah yes...can't wait for the glacier to recede and the pussy parade to commence in MI...

  2. Bruce: Must have some fine lookin' womens out there in the Rust Belt, eh?

  3. yeah! we live 30 minutes from the big lake...(Michigan)

    hotties abounds...

  4. Makes me wonder if they can match up to what we got here in Connecticut...

    Exceptional amount of hotties abound here, both in and out of work.

  5. I'm just waiting for a new reality show with that name...

  6. Betcha it would do boffo ratings on certain cable channels and ratings through the roof on others.


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