Monday, February 9, 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain

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The rain cascaded down in gentle pine scented drops, coating Jacqui in a cool sheen of aloe as she walked through the forest. Wiping the rain from her eyes, she saw off in the distance, a small globe sitting on a miniature pine tree, and realizes that she's almost home.

Walking up the pathway, she notices that one of the rain barrels is overturned and partially smashed. Upon closer inspection, she sees a medium sized red spot on the barrel, and a long reddish-green trail heading off to the left that disappears into the brush.

Worried, Jacqui leaves her knapsack on the porch and cautiously opens the front door. Poking her head in, she briefly looks around the living room, before taking a few steps inside.

Grabbing a bat from the hall closet, she calls out, "Hello?" and waits for a response. With only silence greeting her, she decides to check out the rest of the cabin. Going from room to room, she finds nothing. Inside her bedroom, she opens the window for some fresh air, and sees light pouring out of the root cellar.

Heading outside, she walks over to the hatchway, knocks on the door, and asks, "Anybody there?"
"Jacqui?" answers a female voice pensively.
"Yes Sandra. Who else would there be knockin' on the door?"

Jacqui opened the door and wondered what Sandra got herself into this time. As she got to the bottom of the stairs, the loud melodic voice of a female fucking herself silly said it all. Sighing, she knocked on the door labeled Toys and Play Things and said, "Sandra Denise Cobra, you come out right this instant."

The door cracked open and out slithered a female humanoid king cobra. Buxom with curly auburn hair and a silver nose stud, Sandra was sporting a very unfashionable black eye as well. Jacqui took a closer look at the swollen eye and frowned.

"You didn't."
Sandra didn't say anything. Instead, she handed to Jacqui a large roll of bills. Jacqui took the roll, examined it for a few seconds, frowned even more, and said, "You did. Is he in there?"
Sandra nodded and slithered back into the room. Opening the door, Jacqui wasn't too surprised to see a rather long line of voluptuous women anxiously waiting for their turn at bat.

In the far corner of the room, was a lounge chair containing a nude man securely four pointed and gagged. Straddling his waist was the medium built MiLF, whose voice Jacqui heard only minutes earlier, happily fucking the living daylights out of herself. Next to the chair, was Sandra holding a large syringe filled with medication.

Jacqui waited until the MiLF disengaged herself before walking over to the lounge chair. Putting her hand up for a moment, she then gave the man a closer look. After giving her approval, she said to the man, "Don't worry, you're just having a bad dream. We're all just figments of your overworked imagination."

Sandra leaned over and stuck the needle deep within the base of the man's rod. The man strained mightily against the gag, before passing out. The injection however, did its job, as the man became rock solid again.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Jacqui, who was very annoyed at what Sandra was doing.
"Two and a half days."
"I gathered that's how you got the black eye, right?"
"Yeah. I found him out in the woods lumber jacking. Man oh man, he was by far the biggest one yet."
"I can see that. Listen, didn't we agree that doing this type of playing was off limits?"
Sandra took out a piece of paper and handed it to Jacqui. Jacqui read the contents, crumpled the paper and threw it at Sandra.

"When did this come?"
"Three days ago. It's due tomorrow."
"And this is how we're going to pay the bill?"
"Seventy-five a pop for five minutes worth of pleasure and a chance at paradise."
"How many shots have you given him?"
"Counting this one, twenty-five."
"Twenty-five?! Are you mad?"
"Listen, I don't like this anymore than you do, but we need the money. I'm getting some good tips, in addition to the hefty price tag. I'm telling you, this guy is golden."
Jacqui didn't say another word. She stormed out of the cellar, and went to the woodshed to finish an antique bookcase reproduction.

Two hours later, Jacqui was applying the last coat of maple stain when a loud scream pierced through the night air and chilled her to the bone. Incredibly upset, she chucked the can through the glass window, blasted out of the shed and hoofed it to the root cellar.

Sandra was cleaning the toy room, when the lady who got to paradise, asked her about what all the racket was going on outside.
Sandra listened for a minute, turned two shades of white, and said, "Overdue bill."
"For what?"
"Trips to paradise."

(c) 2015 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved


  1. M: As well as you should be. :D

    Seriously though, it's something that I feel has the best shot of becoming the 3rd volume of a trilogy.


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