Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Liner Notes

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The following liner notes were originally (c)(p) 1971 by Chrysalis Records for the Jethro Tull album "Aqualung".

1} In the beginning Man created God; and in the image of Man created he him.

2} And Man gave unto God a multitude of names, that he might be Lord over all the earth when it was suited to him.

3} And on the seven millionth day Man rested and did lean heavily on his God and saw that it was good.

4} And Man formed Aqualung of the dust of the ground, and a host of others likened unto his kind.

5} And these lesser men Man did cast into the void. And some were burned; and some were put apart from their kind.

6} And Man became the God that he had created and with his miracles did rule over all the earth.

7} But as all these things did come to pass, the Spirit that did cause man to create his God lived on within all men: even within Aqualung.

8} And man saw it not.

9} But for Christ's sake he'd better start looking.

This blog post, but not the liner notes, (c) 2015 Books by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved


  1. And which writing project is this going into?

    1. None. This is what I wrote on a friend's Christmas present one year. Apparently his mother took great offense to the gentle mocking of religion.


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